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Pleasantly surprised

I was skeptical about getting a metal bed frame but so far (20 days later) I am pleasantly surprised that it actually does not squeak! love it

It is a gigantic paperweight.

It came missing the instruction manual and hardware kit. Cannot locate either on on your website.

Queen black frame bed

It's nice. No dings or any damage and I like that EVERYTHING us black so silver screws and nuts aren't grossly showing. It was very complicated to assemble...NOT difficult. But all the hardware is metric and there are multiple sizes. When honestly a smart engineer would have changed this up and made more screws the same length and thread and not used catch nuts.
The frame holds my new Nectar matress well.
The price is better than ANY other company or bed design!

Love this !

Perfect table for in my powder room. Love the color and text

My table set was missing parts please help amazon us giving me the run around I’ll send pictures


Overall good table , but came with no screws . Very disappointing

VECELO Industrial Nightstand/End Side Table with Drawer and Shelf for Storage

Great Bed!

Love the bed frame and headboard! Bought two of them for my boys. Highly recommend!

VECELO Modern Rectangular 5-Piece Dining Table Set for Kitchen/Dining Room/Dinette/Breakfast

easy peasy

Product was well made and instructions for the most part, primarily graphic, were easy to follow.

Nice VECELO Metal Platform Bed Frame

This is not my first purchase from this store. Satisfied with the quality of the bed, service and timing. Thank you!

Bedroom side table

Nice table looks like picture easy to put together seems study perfect for guest bedroom highly recommend

Black metal bed frame

Perfect bed for the family.

VECELO Modern Versatile Nightstands X-Design Side End Table with Bin Drawer for Living Room Bedroom

Solid stand at decent price

This is my Amazon review but I'm so impressed with this stand I thought I would post it here too.

I was apprehensive buying this stand. Our TV is wall mounted so I only need a small, low stand for a center channel, TiVo, Apple TV, etc. The reviews cited lack of clear instructions, missing parts and missing holes. I found none of that. While the instructions are all pictures, they are pretty clear, I would suggest you take the time to separate everything by numbers to make it easier to gather the items you need for the next step. Also, the screw holes are just dimples, they're very faint but you can see them. You shouldn't have to drill anything out. It's just enough to start the screws.

I took my time assembling and it took about an hour. One unclear part on the instructions is that in step 2 you have to separate the sliding rail that will connect to a drawer. I left mine on and installed it on the stand until I was ready to remove it and install it on the drawers. That way I could set the drawer in front of the stand, take out a rail, install it on the drawer and not get anything mixed up. Someone said the slides don't allow the drawers to open completely. Mind do. I'm not sure if that reviewer installed them incorrectly or if they changed the rail style.

You don't need any tools of your own as this stand comes with a pretty decent screw driver that is well padded. I did use an electric driver, but torqued down the final turns by hand so I didn't strip anything.

One reviewer had trouble with the gaps in the drawers not lining up properly. If you use the appropriate holes to mound the rails, if the drawer gaps are off, you can adjust them up or down to even out the gap. Both my drawers only required one adjustment each. You'll use the oval holes toward the front of the drawers in the rails, not the round ones.

I was surprised how sturdy this stand is. It's not flimsy and weights about 70 pounds. It'll easily support any modern TV and perhaps the older, heavier CRT's.

All in all I would buy this stand again. I have no regrets. I paid about $100US delivered and it was well worth it. Just for clarification, it's the Vecelo 55" media console table with drawers, SKU KHD-DX-TV02. Sometimes Amazon puts other reviews under different styles.


The tables are attractive and sturdy and go great with my decor. We found instructions confusing. Ended up with gap between tray and drawer. May have to take apart and reassemble.

Looks amazing!

I love this dining table. Super easy to assemble and looks beautiful....!

Nice tables- bad instructions

The instructions that came with the table were very confusing and hard to decipher. The first step was not clear and involved placing and anchoring the guides for the drawers, so it was very important to get it right. The instructions need to have clearer pictures and steps. A online video would have made it that much better. I tried to reach out to the company and got no help. We figured it out eventually by taking a picture with my phone and enlarging the picture and studying it for a long time to see what the placement was. The table are nice once you finally get them together.

Better material than expected

The wood is more solid and a richer texture than I thought it would be. We're happy with these tables