Bedroom Units Idears for Your New Home

If you just moved, or have a new home, but don't know how to choose the matching furniture for the bedroom, maybe I can provide you with some ideas.
Many people don't have a clear idea when choosing furniture. Well, So I brought you some options for choosing bedroom furniture. It is very suitable for you who have difficulty choosing.

Choice 1: 

Wooden+Metal Bed Frame with 2 Modern Night Stands

This set of bedroom furniture is matched in color, and there are wooden elements in the material, so you can't go wrong with it. The bed frame is made of metal and wood. The metal support frame makes the bed very strong. The wooden backboard at the head of the bed adds a special feeling between modern and retro to the whole bed frame.

And these two matching bedside tables not only echo the bed frame in color, but also have good functions. A layer of drawers can meet our bedside storage needs, and the open storage space below will make your room decor more different. Four slender metal legs add to the beauty of this bedside table. It is a product with both practicality and beauty. I believe you will like it even more when you get the real thing. 

bed frame

Wooden bed frame + same color / dark nightstands

When choosing a nightstand for a wooden bed frame, it will be more harmonious with dark-colored bedside tables, such as black and brown. Alternatively, you can go for a complete set with matching bnightstands that will look just as fitting.

Choice 2:

Well, If you are not interested in the wooden bed frame, in the Upholstered Platform, I have also matched a set of relatively good furniture for you.


Light-colored upholstered bed + light-colored/bright-colored bedside table

A Upholstered Platform bed will better meet your sleeping needs in terms of comfort. Because its headboard will be more comfortable, and it will be very comfortable to read a book at night. A light-toned upholstered bed like this would go well with a white bedside table. We have a lot of white or light brown nightstands that will go well with this bed frame. Such a combination of bedroom furniture is more modern. If you like a modern style home, I think you will like this kind of bedroom.

Choice 3:

If you want to choose a more affordable and durable bed frame, then the metal bed frame is your first choice. Metal beds can be matched with more furniture, you can almost use most of your existing furniture to match it, and it can be better integrated with your home decoration style. Whether it is modern or retro style, agricultural style, you can easily DIY.

Metal bed frame + nightstands in various colors and styles

Above are my curated combinations for your new home. Everyone has different ideas about their own home, and it would be my honor if you agree with my ideas here. Home is our harbor of happiness and a warm place. If our furniture design hits your point, that is our original intention.

Wishing you a happy life!

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