how to make the most out of a nightstand

If you think about a bedroom, by default, you’d be thinking of a bed and possibly one or two nightstands. However, this is the exact idea that makes just about everyone overlook the actual functionality and potential of a nightstand. With a little creativity, you can turn your nightstand into an all-round service center of your bedroom. Here are some tips on how to make your nightstand more functional.


Add a charging station

If someone claims they wouldn’t need any electronics at hand at all times in 2023, most would immediately recognize this sight of a clown. A charging station on your nightstand can thus be a convenient way to recharge your device as you recharge yourself. An add-on charging station or even just a power strip secured to your nightstand can keep your toasty nights free from “gah I need my charger in like 30 seconds or my phone will die on me” interruptions.

 add a power strip to your nightstand

Have a built-in bookshelf

If you're an avid reader, a built-in bookshelf on your nightstand can be a great way to keep your favorite books close at hand. The so-called bookshelf doesn’t have to be complicated-all you need is an open shelf below your drawer to make sure you don’t have to pile your book, your phone, and your glasses together and have to sweep everything aside just to get a few minutes of reading time.

 keep an open shelf for your books and magazines

Make modifications

Many nightstands these days come as an assembly of MDF boards, iron frameworks, and a handful of nuts and bolts. This can mean an uneasy half an hour of assembling before you know what it actually looks like, but it also presents you the perfect chance to understand the structure of your nightstand. Take this moment to collect measurement and think about your most down-to-earth demands: do you work or study in bed often? Attach a pair of foldable arms holding a board as a pull-out tray to park your laptop and textbook. Do you have jewels to keep close and secret? Add a hidden compartment behind your drawer that not even the manufacturer knows of. Love some groove before bed? Put a hole on the side for a built-in speaker or audio system. If you don’t have the tools or skills for any of these modifications, you can at least add organizers in your drawer to keep it a functional space instead of a swamp of out-of-date trinkets.

 modify your nightstand to your needs

Add a mirror

If you don't have a lot of space in your bedroom for a vanity, a mirror on your nightstand can be a great way to get ready in the morning. A wall-mount mirror right over a nightstand can be just the spot for a downtown Manhattan office lady to get ready for her early morning department meeting. This may sound a bit harsh, but at the end of the day, who’s got a healthier back? The one who bends down at the bathroom sink, or the one who can at least sit down in front of a solid surface?

 put a mirror over your nightstand to use it as a vanity

In conclusion, a nightstand can be much more than just a default sidekick of your bed. With a little creativity, you can turn your nightstand into a functional addition to your bedroom. What crosses this gap for you is your sincere wish to love yourself and your genuine consideration of how you can be the true king of your castle and have your space serve your most down-to-earth demands. Thank you for reading!

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