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Do you know the past and present life of the sofa? Sofa is transliterated from "sofa", which is the Arabic soffah, which means "to spread cushions or blankets on a raised place on the ground for people to sit on." The mission of sofas is to provide people with a comfortable sitting space. The first sofa was created by an Indian. It is said that a nobleman in India was left hemiplegic by a cerebral thrombosis, so the carpenter nailed fabric to a wooden chair and filled it with cotton to make it more comfortable for the patient to sit or lie on. It also made it widely available and immediately available for use.

In the sixteenth century, armchairs appeared. The shape of the modern sofa style evolved from the armchair's then-widening. Women at that time had to wear corsets for an average of 6 hours a day, so the rumored improvement of the armchair was to allow them to take a break. The armchairs of the Victorian period developed into double seats. Some of the arm-chairs, too, have broad, soft arms, which are not only convenient for sitting and lying on, but will accommodate large skirts, and enable one to lean upon them decently and elegantly. Real upholstered sofas appeared from the late 16th to early 17th centuries. Sofas of the time were filled primarily with natural elastic materials such as horsehair, bird feathers and plant down, and covered with fabrics such as velvet and embroidery to create a soft surface for human contact. For example, the Farthingle chair, which was popular in Europe for public use at the time, was one of the first sofas.

The heart of a home is the dining table. When guests come to the house, everyone sits around the dining table, eating melon seeds and chatting. This is why the sofa was covered with a cloth at the time. First, because sofas are precious, and secondly, to keep them clean and hygienic.

So far, there are many types of sofas. Depending on the fabric, they mainly include leather sofas, fabric sofas, bentwood sofas and rattan sofas. Depending on the style classification, it can be classified as an American sofa, a Japanese sofa, a Chinese sofa and a European sofa. According to the place of use, it can be divided into hotel sofas, ktv sofas, civilian sofas, restaurant sofas, office sofas, home sofas, lounge sofas, etc. The sofas used vary according to the occasion in which they are employed. Each of the sofas has its own character.

According to the style, there are mainly Chinese sofas, European sofas, American sofas and Japanese sofas. Chinese-style sofas emphasize warmth in winter and coolness in summer, making them suitable for all seasons. The Chinese-style sofa features an entire exposed solid wood frame. Upper foam seat cushions can be changed as needed. This flexible approach has made Chinese-style sofas beloved by many: warm in winter and cool in summer, convenient and practical, and suitable for my country's ethnic conditions, where the temperature difference between north and south is large. Some of its materials are solid wood, which is resistant to moisture and is the first choice in coastal cities.

European-style sofas have simple lines and are suitable for modern homes. European-style sofas are distinguished by their modern style, elegant colours and simple lines, making them suitable for most homes. This kind of sofa is also suitable for a wide range of applications and looks good in various styles of rooms. What is more popular in the 21st century is light-colored sofas, such as white, beige, etc.

The American sofa, with its emphasis on comfort, feels like a gentle embrace when you sit on it, but it takes up more space. In 2003, many sofa-making processes stopped using springs and instead consisted of a main frame plus sponges of varying hardness. However, many traditional American sofa bases will not give up the spring to save time and effort and will still use a spring plus sponge design. This, in turn, makes this sofa very sturdy and durable.

Japanese-style sofas emphasise nature and simplicity. The Japanese sofa's biggest feature is its fence-like wooden armrests and low-slung design. This type of sofa is most suitable for those who advocate a natural and simple style of home. Small Japanese-style sofas reveal a rigorous approach to life.

Nowadays, sofas have become indispensable furniture for every family, and people have higher and higher requirements for the style, material and even health functions of sofas. By reading this article, you can understand and choose the most suitable sofa. If you are looking for a new sofa, please contact us.



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