VECELO Modern Upholstered Platform Bedframe, Adjustable Headboard

Size: Twin
Color: Light Grey
Sale price$139.99

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Es muy bonito y comoda
Muy bueno

Todo me agrado!! Buena calidad

Great quality product read detailed review for more info!

I recently purchased a bed frame, and let me tell you, it has exceeded all my expectations! From its sleek design to its exceptional durability, this bed frame has transformed my sleeping experience. Here's why I highly recommend it:

Sturdy and Durable: The bed frame boasts excellent craftsmanship, providing unparalleled stability and strength. It is made from high-quality materials that ensure it can withstand the test of time. No more squeaky frames or wobbly nights!

Easy Assembly: Assembling the bed frame was a breeze. The instructions were clear and straightforward, and I had it up and ready within minutes. The hassle-free setup made the whole process enjoyable.

Elegant Design: This bed frame exudes elegance and sophistication. Its sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic effortlessly blend with any bedroom decor. The timeless design adds a touch of class and transforms my room into a cozy sanctuary.

Enhanced Support: With the bed frame's reliable support system, I have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my sleep. It provides excellent support for both the mattress and my body, ensuring a comfortable and restful night's sleep.

Noise-Free Experience: One of the most impressive features of this bed frame is its silent operation. It remains rock solid even during restless nights, eliminating any annoying creaking sounds. Now I can enjoy uninterrupted sleep without any distractions.

Ample Under-Bed Storage: The generous clearance space underneath the bed frame is a game-changer. It provides ample room for storage, allowing me to keep my bedroom organized and clutter-free. It's a practical and efficient use of space.

Exceptional Value: Considering the outstanding quality and performance of this bed frame, it offers remarkable value for the price. I believe it's a worthwhile investment that will continue to serve me well for years to come.

Overall, this bed frame has truly elevated my sleeping experience. Its durability, easy assembly, elegant design, enhanced support, noise-free operation, and storage capacity make it a standout choice. If you're in the market for a reliable and stylish bed frame, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this one a try. You won't be disappointed!


Im obsessed with this bed frame. I was skeptical because bed frames are not sturdy sometimes but this is such a good one! It looks elegant and really is great, I recommend

Best bed frame I ever bought.

This bed did require some effort to build, but it was worth it.?

We built this bed in about an hr & a half.

Me & my cousin (the one on the bed) built this in less than 2 hours. It was our first time ever putting a bed together! No experience needed, but to be honest -the instructions had no word explanations- so following the pictures took a while longer than it would have if only it had the word instructions to go along with it. Bc of the lack of words, we made a few bolt mixups but ended up figuring it out relatively easy. The bed itself is a nice velvety fabric & looks cute. Seems really sturdy with no squeeking. Great for the price & pretty easy to assemble. Tonight is her first night of use, so we'll see how it holds up 6 months from now but as of now... Happy with this purchase.


Size Queen/Full/Twin
Material Wood, Velvet, Metal
Product Dimensions 81.3"L x 63.2"W x 47.6"H;76.6"L x 57.1"W x 47.6"H;76.6"L x 42.9"W x 47.6"H
Style Platform
Special Feature No Box Spring Needed, Squeak Resistant, Stain Resistant, Adjustable

Key Features:

  • Wood & Metal&velvet
  • [SIMPLE UPHOLSTERED BED]: Elevate your bedroom with this exquisite queen size bed frame featuring a sleek headboard crafted from high-quality velvet. The built-in memory sponge ensures exceptional resilience and unparalleled comfort, providing you with a peaceful night's sleep. With its contemporary design, this bed frame effortlessly complements any decor, infusing your room with a warm and modern ambiance.
  • [ROBUST & STURDY CONSTRUCTION]: This queen bed frame features an interior steel framework and 12 reliable wood slats, offering exceptional support and stability. Experience a peaceful sleep without any annoying squeaks, even when you roll over. With a maximum weight capacity of 820lbs, this queen bed is designed to withstand heavy loads while maintaining its structural integrity.
  • [HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE HEADBOARD]: Experience versatile with this queen upholstered bed frame featuring an adjustable headboard. With four adjustable heights of 41/43/45/47 inches, this bed frame caters to different mattress thicknesses, ranging from 8 to 12 inches. Find the perfect fit and achieve optimal comfort for your preferred mattress height.
  • [QUICKENED INSTALLATION]: Simplify the assembly process with this bed frame that comes neatly packaged in a single box. Each part is thoughtfully labeled for effortless assembly. To further expedite the installation, the wooden slats of this bed frame are conveniently secured with Velcro attachments, allowing for quick and hassle-free set up. Enjoy a seamless and time-saving experience while setting up your new beds.
  • [COMFORT & LONGEVITY] The bed frame is constructed using high-quality velvet and enveloped in high-resilience memory foam, ensuring both comfort and longevity. The breathable design prevents foam collapse, providing you with a pleasant and supportive backrest experience.

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