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Scientists have discovered a revolutionary new secret recipe that could allow you to extend your life.

It improves your memory, increases your attractiveness; Let you keep slim, reduce appetite; Protect you from cancer and Alzheimer's disease; Keep you from colds and colds; Lower your risk of heart disease, heart attack and diabetes. You'll feel happier, less depressed and less stressed.
Are you interested?Here VECELO wants to share a few tips about sleep. Let's watch it together!

 get a good sleep

15 'cold Facts' about Sleep

When it comes to sleep, there is not a single person around me who is not troubled by it. Moreover, in today's society, almost 200 percent of people sleep badly at night and feel tired during the day.

  1. The most important aspects of sleep are NREM (deep sleep without blinking, which improves health and immunity) and REM (rapid eye movement dream sleep, which improves brain function), which determine sleep quality. It can also be said that children who sleep and dream are smart!!
  2. Sleeping less than five hours a night reduces the number of Natural Killer cells in your body that fight cancer by 70 percent. So people who don't get enough sleep are more likely to develop bowel, prostate or breast cancer (perhaps the increase in cancer rates in modern times isn't just because we're living longer);
  3. Lack of sleep accelerates the growth of cancer cells. In mice with the same tumors, tumors grew many times faster in the sleep-deprived mice than in the well-rested mice. The World Health Organization has recently classified sleep deprivation as a carcinogen.
  4. Sleep is more important than diet and exercise. Sleep damage was greatest if a person was deprived of sleep, food, or exercise for 24 hours;
  5. People over 45 who sleep less than six hours a night have a 200% higher risk of heart and brain attacks than those who sleep 7-8 hours.
  6. Not getting enough sleep makes you stupid (because REM deprivation affects brain cell health) and increases your risk of Alzheimer's disease;
  7. If you go 19 hours without sleep, your mental and physical state is the same as if you were drunk.
  8. Drinking coffee is taking a drug that deprives you of sleep. If you're addicted and must drink coffee, drink it before 1 p.m.
  9. Alcohol doesn't help you sleep, it interferes with it. Alcohol (even a little) kills REM sleep and prevents us from dreaming. Not dreaming (sleep without REM) seriously affects IQ;
  10. The constant temperature of central heating and air conditioning is partly to blame for our poor sleep at night, which goes against the natural law of sleep.
  11. Alarm clock affects the heart health, especially the Snooze function alarm clock that is called every five minutes, which makes the heart suffer 3-4 times of pressure in a short period of time, and has a great long-term impact on the cardiovascular system;
  12. Sleep deprivation is linked to weight gain because it lowers the hormone leptin, which is associated with satiety, and increases ghrelin, which is associated with hunger.
  13. If you don't get enough sleep during the week, no amount of sleep on the weekend can make up for it.
  14. Lack of sleep is responsible for almost every major cause of death; Many health problems can be improved or solved by giving patients a good night's sleep.

get a good sleep

Shakespeare said, "A restful sleep is nature's tender and haunting nurse." Sleep is one of our basic physiological needs, and we spend about a third of our lives sleeping.

Sleep is so important to us that seeing you here, if it is in the middle of the day, please put down your phone and give yourself a 30-minute nap time. If it's already night, relax and get some sleep.

May we all have quality sleep.

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