How do you design your own room when you live alone?

Remember the first cabin you lived alone in after graduation? Or are you experiencing a romantic life on your own?

In modern society, there are many ways to live, but more and more people choose to live alone. Such a way of life can let us enjoy a person's free time, in their own favorite space, free life.

When a person lives, do not need very big house actually, a small world should pass elaborate design and layout only, enough develop give its action and value. While enjoying comfort and free, it is also very convenient to clean up, and there will be an indescribable sense of sufficiency and happiness. There is a saying that goes, "If there is a yearning and gravity that never fades and never fails, it is the gravity of home."

Now I am also in such a state. Living a life of one's own in one's own room. The house I live in is not big, it is a single room, the bathroom space is very small, besides the bathroom, the other space is my bedroom. I divided the space apart from the bathroom into two areas, one for my bedroom and study, and one for a small kitchen area. When I first moved in, the room was empty, but gradually I made it the way I liked it.

Happiness in life matters more than the size of the house you live in. A personal life, tidy up the room, living in a clean and orderly house, even if it is a small area of a person living, also can appear spacious and bright, full of life quality.

Today, in this article, I want to share with you how to design to increase the happiness of life when the space is not large, and feel the quality of life to the maximum extent in the limited space.

  1. Use a side table/nightstand.

When the space is limited, want to consider the receiving ability of furniture, but also want to notice beautiful degree at the same time. A side table that can move at any time, can serve as bedside cabinet not only use, also can regard as the table when learning, a desk is multi-purpose, practical added a few breath restoring ancient ways for whole room again. On your day off, drink water first thing when you wake up. This is where the versatile side table comes in, with a pillow on your back for scrolling through email messages while drinking water. In a pinch, the portable side table can be pulled up to the bed and used as a work table. But note that the side table style should be selected as much as possible to match the rest of the furniture in your room, whether it is log style, simple style, retro style, modern style, choose furniture can take some effort.

  1. Choose a small center table for your room.

I personally like practical contracted style, although the space is little, but when choosing center table completely unnecessary selected too small, because I put the center table as desk, bench, also used as a table and dressing table, but I will also choose a special drawer, cosmetics in such makeup things on the table don't seem very chaotic, also easy to clean. Had thought to want to buy a desk technically before, but after thinking again and again feel unnecessary, because a few bigger central desk is put in bedside can have comfort more, the space that lets whole room is bigger, utilization rate is taller also. Moreover, the central table faces a clean white wall, which allows for the installation of projectors and makes it possible to construct a small living room. It is also convenient to sit at this table and watch movies during meals.

  1. Don't forget to buy a carpet for your center table.

On the one hand, a carpet under the center table can protect your feet and add atmosphere to the room, making the whole room more soft and warm. On the other hand, with this carpet, we can sit on the floor at any time. At this time, we can buy several soft cushions next to the center table, which is very convenient and beautiful, whether it looks or uses. The sense of home you want is often made up of these unassuming little things.

  1. Pick a piece of drapes and wall decor in your favorite color.

If you like dark light, you can choose shades, but if you like the light in your room but don't let other people see into your room through the window, you can specifically choose curtains that don't block light but don't let people across the room peer into your room. (This is important, especially when living alone). In addition, to make the walls of your room not too boring, you can buy a few paintings, art photos and other decorations. A painting or a bouquet of flowers can add life to your room.

  1. If you love reading books, bookcases are a must.

It would be great if this bookcase could be used for both books and other purposes.  You can hang clothes, you can put books, you can put flowers. If it's really multi-tasking, it's perfect for those of us who live alone.

  1. And last but not least, how can a cozy room be without a bedside lamp?

The night of a person, busy body and mind can rest finally hour, the likelihood is falling outside the window drizzle, sit in central desk, a warm lamp is indispensable. A warm light can make tired body and mind more relaxed, but also add more possibilities for the room.

Life is actually very simple, a square table, a bed, a lamp seems to be able to support everything. But no matter where you live, hopefully you'll feel free and comfortable when you return to your room. The house may not be yours, but life is always yours. We are not bound by a house, but we are bound by our own ideas. So no matter how big a house you live in, make yourself as comfortable, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible. The quality of your life is not only determined by money, but also by your thoughts.

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