Methods for maintaining and cleaning wooden furniture

Natural, environmental protection, healthy solid wood furniture is revealing nature and primitive beauty. Why does wood furniture thrive? From the color analysis lies in its natural wooden instinctive quality. Wood color furniture already is natural without chemical pollution. It's a healthy fashion choice. In line with the modern urban people advocating the psychological needs of nature.

Wooden furniture is widely used because of its natural beauty and strong characteristics of environmental protection. But wooden furniture is not easy to maintain. So we need to maintain more cleanness to wooden furniture in daily household life. 

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The cleanness of Wooden furniture.

1. Use a soft cloth or sponge dipped in warm soapy water for daily cleaning. Wait until it dries naturally and then polish with furniture wax.

2. When it comes to removing oil stains from wooden furniture, tea residue is an excellent cleaner. After wiping, spray a small amount of corn flour to wipe, and finally wipe the corn flour. The corn flour absorbs any dirt that sticks to the surface of the furniture and makes the finish smooth and bright.

3. Expired milk also has a role to play, and is a good choice for cleaning wooden furniture. Expired milk has a good decontamination effect. After scrubbing, wipe it again with water.

4. If the paint film of furniture is burned by cigarette ends, soot or unextinguished matches and leaves scorch marks, but the wood below the paint film is not scorched, then you can wrap a chopstick head with small pieces of fine grain hard cloth, wipe the burn marks gently and then apply a thin layer of wax to remove the scorch marks.

5. Wood furniture is not heat resistant even when painted. When heated, it is easy to form scars. At this time, you can scrub with half a lemon, and then wipe with a soft cloth soaked in hot water to repair scars.

6. The furniture dripped and was not cleaned in time. After a period of time, the water permeates the gap of the paint film and accumulates to make the paint film a kind of watermark. In this case, simply cover the water mark with a clean wet cloth and press the wet cloth carefully with an iron. This will evaporate the water trapped in the watermark and the watermark will disappear.

7. Mix 1:1 hot water and white vinegar. Scrub vigorously with a soft cloth. This is very suitable for the maintenance of mahogany furniture and other furniture pollution by ink.

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The maintenance of Wooden furniture.

1. To avoid direct sunlight. Although the autumn sun is not as intense as the summer, the combination of prolonged sun exposure and the already dry climate made the wood too dry and prone to cracks and partial discoloration.

2. Avoid hard scratches. Do not touch the furniture with cleaning tools when cleaning. Usually also should pay attention to, do not let hard metal products or other sharp objects collision furniture, in order to protect its surface does not appear hard marks and hanging wire phenomenon.

3. Avoid dust. The more high-grade log furniture that waits for wood of annatto, teak, oak, walnut to make commonly has elegant carve adornment. If you cannot clean the ash regularly, it is easier to accumulate ash in the small gap, which affects the beauty already, and can also lead to wooden furniture rapidly "aging".

4. Do not put in very damp place. This is to avoid the wood wet expansion, over time easy to rot, drawer can not open.

5. Wax maintenance. Want burnish of furniture of real wood lasting, wax is very necessary. Generally speaking, wax once a quarter. Use professional real wood furniture glazing wax to undertake regular maintenance can. Never use silicone glazing agents, which can damage the coating of furniture, clog wood pores, and impair wood permeability.

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Waxing method for Wooden furniture.

1. Material preparation: prepare special furniture wax, the quality of wax is critical. When choosing, it is recommended not to choose glazing agent containing silicone, because silicone will not only soften the surface of solid wood furniture, but also clog wood pores.

2. Before waxing solid wood furniture, apply mild non-alkaline soapy water to remove the old wax from the furniture, while paying attention to dry the surface moisture of solid wood furniture. In addition, want to undertake after dust of clear furniture surface completely, can form wax spot otherwise, or cause wear and tear to produce scratch.

3. Apply furniture wax to clean cotton cloth in a moderate dose. Do so neither cause waste, also can make wax more even daub to furniture.

4. Wax the furniture with the waxed cotton cloth in the direction of the grain of the wood. This can cause minimum damage to solid wood furniture, prolong the service life. When waxing, to master from shallow to deep, by the principle of point and surface, step by step, uniform waxing.

5. Excessive friction should be avoided during waxing. Excessive friction can damage the surface of furniture, giving solid wood furniture irreparable damage.

Have you learned all these life skills? Many families will choose wood furniture. Solid wood furniture material environmental protection, with natural, environmental protection, pollution-free characteristics, generous texture, and durable, give the whole room comfortable and casual feeling. So, if you have solid wood furniture in your room, learn about it!

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