How to organize your closet more effectively?

How to organize your closet more effectively? Life sometimes like a mess, sometimes to simplify is the source of happiness. Home, as the space where we get along day and night, needs us to arrange the space in time to let us better control our life. Now, follow the editing steps to make a new category for your cluttered closet.

Organize your closet

Step 1:

Check your closet to see if you have anything other than clothes. If so, take them out. Then, you should definitely organize the idea of the wardrobe. You can make that judgment based on your lifestyle. For example, you can organize your clothes by season. This sorting will help you quickly find the clothes you need.
You can also organize by type of clothing. Sweaters fall into category one, trench coats fall into category one, and t-shirts fall into category one, too. This search will be more direct and convenient.
You can also sort your clothes by color. The great thing about sorting this way is that you can quickly find clothes that work well with each other, making everyday wear more inspired and efficient.

Organize your closet

Step 2:

Clear up the idea of organizing the wardrobe, take out all the things in the wardrobe. Use your sorting logic to group items of clothing into one place. If you're sorting by season, stack your clothes for the season first. Note: During this process, you need to think in your mind whether the item is something you will wear in the future. If an item of clothing has been left in the corner for a long time and you no longer like it, then you need to make a decision to throw it out.

This is how you can judge whether an item of clothing should be discarded:

1. Is this outfit out of fashion?

2. Does this dress go with other clothes?

3.Does this dress still fit your figure? Is it too big or too small?

Items of clothing that can be discarded without a second thought:

1. Ripped, single socks;

2. Yellowed T-shirts and shirts;

3. Old underwear and unprotected corsets;

4.Sneakers that haven't been worn in years; A broken suitcase or bag.

Step 3:

Organize your different categories of clothes into a regular closet. If it's summer, you can put winter clothes in the back or bottom of the pile. Keep your summer clothes in an accessible location. For spring and fall clothes, you can store them somewhere else where you have room.

Organize your closet


1. The socks can be arranged in the drawer of the wardrobe according to the color, and placed flat, so that it is easier to pick and take.

2.Summer T-shirts can be rolled up. It's more space-efficient.

3.Jeans will look better folded than hung.

4.Heavy or bulky coats are best hung in a separate cube farm.

5.The shoes had better be put into transparent shoebox when placing more clearly.

Step 4: 

Make full use of the space under your bed. Most of the time, we find that we have too many clothes, even if we lose some clothes we don't wear, the closet space is limited. You often find that you can't fit anything else in your wardrobe. So there's no room for bed sheets, bed covers, suitcases, things like that. So at this time, the space under the bed is particularly important.

You can purchase a few receive box first, sheet quilt is covered according to color, thickness degree, material pledges, put to different receive box respectively. This will make it easier to organize your sheets, duvet covers and things like that. Similarly, the suitcase can be placed under the bed for easy access.

Arrange the wardrobe

Sometimes it seems like everything around you is going badly, your job isn't going well, your relationship isn't going well. But it is only when you return to your home that all your emotions can be released freely. If you learn these tips, then I'm sure you'll be in a different mood when you're done with this series of tips and looking at your closet in order. Let's get your hands dirty! Make your wardrobe truly meaningful.

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