If you have a semi-open kitchen, how can you decorate it?

More and more people like to stay in the kitchen and make delicious dishes. The kitchen is the core of a family. Is the source of our happy and healthy life. If you have a semi-open kitchen, you have more possibilities to decorate your home.

Usually semi-open kitchens use glass partitions, transparent doors, and bar partitions to isolate the kitchen from other spaces. At the same time, the outside of the kitchen can clearly see the inside, which expands the vision of the space, which is both beautiful and fashionable.

Compared with traditional kitchens, semi-open kitchens are more lifelike, not only can communicate and interact, but also have a variety of layout designs. Some people who pursue fashion also like to use the bar as a partition to make the whole space more modern.


1. Use isolation items to increase the design sense of the entire space. Common options that can separate a semi-open kitchen from other spaces are: glass, decorative windows, and a bar. 

You can choose the decoration style you like according to the layout of the existing room. But I would recommend a bar counter. Compared with glass, decorative window, the bar has practicality, still hold aesthetic feeling concurrently at the same time. Choose bar chairs that match the bar. You can enjoy your simple breakfast or afternoon tea here and have a drink in the evening.

For small units, the bar can also act as a dining table to increase space utilization. The semi-open kitchen not only retains the original independence, but also makes it a part of the living room, making the living room, dining room and kitchen more beautiful and expanding the visual space.


2. Decorate your semi-open kitchen with plants. No matter where you are, green plants can decorate a room, which is good for your body and makes the whole space warm. If you choose to use a bar to separate the kitchen from the rest of the space, you can also place simple plants in the bar. This looks like it can further weaken the presence of the kitchen in the whole space and play the role of regional differentiation.

Regarding the choice of green plants, you can choose green plants, or you can boldly choose flowers with richer colors such as pink, and put them in a vase with green leaves, which will look better.


3. About the choice of kitchen lamps. Our aim was to make this semi-open kitchen blend harmoniously with the whole space. Made our room warm and natural. Therefore, in the choice of kitchen lamps, we do not need to choose a large chandelier. It is recommended to only install small area lamps above the cooktop that are both decorative and illuminate the cooktop. Multiple small lights in bulk can make the whole semi-open kitchen look cute and natural. Of course, because this is a semi-open kitchen, lamps in other spaces can illuminate this kitchen. This is one of the reasons why we choose small area decorative lights.

In this way, even if you want to have a drink at night, you can enjoy a faint sense of evening atmosphere by turning off the lights in other areas and only turning on the lights in the kitchen. Imagine that one evening when you are enjoying your time alone, you come to this semi-open kitchen and sit on the bar chair with your favorite wine on the bar. The dim light in the kitchen is enough for you to enjoy this moment in peace.


4. The kitchen as a whole is suitable for light and cool colors. Warm colors in the kitchen will appear hotter.

The main body of the kitchen is the cabinet, so try to choose bright colors for the cabinet to increase the visual jump. When choosing, you must pay attention to it. It must be both practical and decorative, and at the same time, it must be harmonious and unified with the whole. The whole kitchen should use cool colors as much as possible, and use lighter colors, because the kitchen is relatively hot. If you use warm colors, you will feel that the room temperature is two or three degrees higher. White walls are the easiest to match with cabinets of different colors, and the floor color is preferably darker than the walls to avoid the feeling of being top-heavy.

About the decoration and design of the space, you must have your own ideas. If you have more and better ideas, you are welcome to share with us. The kitchen makes our life better. People who love life enjoy every minute in the kitchen and the whole process of delicious food. If you think this article really helped you, it's our pleasure. I wish you all a happy life and Brilliant day.

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