How to Choose the Suitable Shoe Cabinet?

Welcome back. This article will help you choose a shoe cabinet that suits you! The shoe cabinet is one of the essential pieces of furniture! When you are optimizing the space in your room, whether you are a shoe lover or not, you will find that shoe cabinets storage can make your home less cluttered and more beautiful! Next, we’ll help you figure out which shoe cabinet is best for you.

If you’re wondering how to choose a shoe cabinet that’s right for you. There are two basic strategies here. The first way is to count how many pairs of shoes you have. Once you have the exact number, round it up and purchase a shoe cabinet with a slightly larger capacity than the number of shoes you have. If you know that you have fewer shoes than usual, you can choose a small shoe cabinet that is not very large. Or if you are about to buy a lot of new shoes, you can choose a shoe cabinet with a large capacity.

Another way is to follow the size of your room. Start by looking at the product details and sizing information; then, measure the space where you plan to place your shoe cabinet; and finally, purchase a product slightly smaller than that size. If it doesn't have the capacity you need, you can use it to store the shoes you use most, or consider reducing your shoe variety.

When you choose a shoe cabinet, the most important thing is the capacity of the shoe cabinet. This is usually measured in terms of the number of shoes, and the capacity of the shoe cabinet should accommodate the size of your shoes so that they truly fit you.The different capacities usually offered are in units of tens – so you can choose a shoe cabinet that can accommodate 11-20 shoes, 21-30 shoes, 31-40 shoes and a shoe cabinet with more than 40 pairs of shoes.

Choose what kind of shoe cabinet to match your furniture. First of all, you should take a look at the styles and colors of furniture you already have in your home. Standing in the room where the shoe cabinet is located, you can look around. Remember the colors of the furniture you see, the placement of the space, etc. After completing a series of assessments, you have two general options.

If you're going for a minimalist or classic look, consider choosing a shoe cabinet with a very similar color or finish. If your room is filled with warm red tones, choose mahogany or reddish tones. If your room is filled with light tones, such as creams and beiges, choose a light candy color or a very light neutral. However, if you prefer bold and visually impactful colors, please choose a color that is opposite to the existing color or finish in your room. This can create a really cool effect and looks like it will have a big inversion effect and impact!

The above are our thoughts on choosing a suitable shoe cabinet. The suitable shoe cabinet can meet your various activities and life needs. If you are looking for the suitable shoe cabinet for you, come and check out our VECELO brand.

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