How to Style a Small Dining Area?

If you live in a single apartment with limited room space, how should you choose your dining table and decorate the dining room you want?

The dining room is also an indispensable space in your home. During your busy day, it is possible that only breakfast and dinner time can be really relaxing. Moreover, sometimes you also want to invite your friends and colleagues to have dinner together. So even if you live in a bachelor apartment, you should decorate your dining room well. 

Today, VECELO wants to share with you some practical tips for decoration and selection of dining room in a small space.

What type of table is best for small spaces?

Square and round table are the best choices for small dining room, since the distance between each edge of the table and the center point are the same. People on each side can reach the dishes on tabletop easily.

A square table is better for the compact square shaped room and the round one can fit for any small room. As there are less than 5 members in a family but they sometimes may invite friends to dine, a round table with leaves is the best option in a small kitchen and dining room.

What dining table styles can I choose?

There are many styles to choose from for the dining table set in a small space. Simple small round tables and chairs like this should be liked by most people. This style is black and white, the style design is very simple, and the small round table is very cute. It is a lot of girls friends will like. The table area is not small, enough for 1-4 people.


Sometimes, you can also consider a small bar table like this and two high bar chairs. If you rarely have guests at home and you enjoy drinking alone, then such bar tables and chairs are also suitable. Here's the great thing about the bar table set: it's really good for small spaces. Just put this bar table in the corner of your living room, and it will be very atmospheric at night. You'll love every night with it. Most importantly, it is still very practical. The height of this bar chair is relatively high, and it is also suitable for temporary work or study.


If you are hesitant about this kind of bar table and chairs, and you can't accept this style, then you can try our more conventional one. Although this dining table is not square, this area is more suitable for small spaces. The most important thing is that I think this dining table set can be used for one table and two purposes. It can be used as a dining table as well as a study table. What attracts us more about this dining table is that you can see that the chair has a certain height. The chair has soft cushions and backrests, and there is also a thoughtful crossbar where the feet can be placed. This height and design can make you more comfortable. And the storage space on the side of the table can store a lot of kitchen or small items. In terms of practicality, this is the best style.


How can I make my small dining room look nice?

There are many ways to make your dining table look nice.
1. Napkins. It must be within your budget. There are so many different styles and sizes of napkins on the market, you are sure to find something you like. Napkins with different patterns can bring different moods to people.

2. Green plants and flowers. A good potted plant and flowers of different colors can make your dining table full of warmth and vitality. Putting a bouquet of flowers on your table will instantly change your mood.

3. Choose brightly colored plates and mugs. Tableware is also very important, don't always choose white tableware, try some more jumpy and bright colors, you will obviously feel the difference.

4. Candelabra. Your room will become more romantic and warm with a candle holder. Especially in the evening, light the candlestick, pour a glass of red wine, open a movie, and a comfortable and relaxing night begins like this.

There are many ways to make life better. Decorate your own room with heart and bake delicious food. In any case, as long as you feel every warm and vivid moment in your life with your heart, everything will become more pleasant. Now, let’s start with the dining table where you are most likely to feel happy~

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