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Dining sets at different heights have always been a thing: standard height (30 in), counter height (34-36 in), bar height (40-42 in)... While standard height is the most formal and universal choice given the nature of human bodies, the calling for tall kitchen tables has risen again recently, back from the ashes of the 00s. Remember those funky repurposed downtown apartments with up-cycled bar stands against a bare brick wall as a dining table? Well, twenty years later, high tables like those are back. Only this time, these high tables are here with better-polished features, answering a new set of well-being demands.

round edge counter height dining set


“What is so nice about these tall tables other than they look cool?” Folks’ constant questions even got me thinking from time to time: is the return of high tables just another one of those periodic fads, or is this the start of a need evolution unraveling right in front of my eyes?


As you might have guessed, higher tables request corresponding taller seating. Either a counter-height chair or a bar stool has a significant clearance advantage over ordinary chairs. This extra height can mean an enhanced physical experience for everyone: toddlers in safety seats can get more help from their parents who are sitting the same height as they do instead of slightly lower; kids with insufficient heights can look out the kitchen window at a better view angle for that park down the road; adults can repurpose this height as a kitchen island/counter extension for larger prep/occasion space, and the elders can enjoy the perk of sitting down on a surface that is less that far from their hips. Unconventional these high tables may be, the special practicality perks guarantee these tables trustworthy choices instead of unpromising “statements”.

bar station with under table storage compartment

Health Bonus

If you stop and think for a second after knowing these practicality perks, you would surely understand the accessibility bonus or health benefits these counter/bar height tables have to offer: these high tables ensure stabler toddler/child dining habits, less hip joint flexibility demand, and for those with greater-than-peer statures, easier time on the knees and ankles. In one sentence: you’re trading the formality of your kitchen table for more practical and readily-available benefits.

Sentimental value

For this part, I have to quote the feedback I’ve received: these high tables came back in trend instead of just got invented, so there’s always the added value of nostalgia. Whether a champion misses their younger, glorious days, or a Downtown dweller cherishes their college years, these higher tables can always work the miracle of bringing back old memories. They may be nothing similar to the well-polished bar islands of that old pub other than their distinguished heights, but sitting by one forces you to go back to the old muscle memory of clinging to bar stools. Even I was surprised when I tested out one of the first counter height dining set samples from my manufacturer. A secret souvenir of your passionate age sitting in the middle of your dining room. Anyone?


This is when interior design considerations kick in. While standard table height has been the orthodox design rubric for most dining room decors, a bit of height boost doesn’t necessarily interfere with this harmony. In the meantime, this extra height makes them better holders for thinner vases and plainer fruit baskets. Their extra clearance makes table-side storage feel less cramped and more aesthetically acceptable. Standing slightly taller than ordinary tables, these taller options can respond to bolder wall decor, thinner corner shelves, and more complicated lighting solutions better.

bar set for two vintage style industrial design

Your Takeaway

These are the benefits such a particular choice has in stow for you, while the best of this trend for VECELO is another opportunity to help make your space feel more like home. Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and tune in next time for some inspirations on how we can best utilize the perks of tall tables.

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