bar height and counter height table ideas

Welcome back to another blog about the tall kitchen table trend! In the previous post, we discussed the unique perks of taller tables. If any of these advantages caught your attention, here are some inspirations for you to make the best use of that particular advantage you had your eyes on.

Know the Essentials

Knowing your hand is always the first step toward winning the game. From my observation of the taller dining set options on the market, here are some of the key points that we need to keep in mind when thinking about integrating a tall table into any interior space design plan:

Pros: Tall dining tables come at, obviously, a taller-than-usual height. They are usually slender in shape and size, taking up less space than normal dining tables. Also, they usually claim less attention due to their outlook.

Cons: Tall tables have compromised space-defining capacity, have specific chair-pairing demands, and can often wobble worse than your orthodox choices.

These are but some of the most obvious traits of tall kitchen tables, but here’s how keeping them in mind can help with your plan.



Placing bar-height tables close to a corner is the almost-stereotypical default. Don’t frown on this option yet, for keeping these tall tables as islands can be the best way to show out the aesthetics of those slender legs and stylish stools. Yet do keep in mind the bar height table’s weakness in defining space. Try something like a machine-washable rug under this island: this makes sure the island claims the space around it as the clearly-defined dining area. Switching out pairing chairs and stools near the wall or corner with a built-in banquette can also further accentuate the defined space.

bar table as an island


This can be a tricky option, as the slender shape and size define tall tables’ diffidence in being the centrepiece of any room. However, this can still bring surprising outcomes if done right. Try decor options that claim attention and attach visual focus to the tall dining set: metropolitan options like a neat vase in the center of the table or matching storage beside the table can do the trick. For bohemian twists, try quality runners over the tabletop, or yarn/rattan decor on the stools. Be wary of against-the-palette options here, for the incoherence may add to the awkwardness of a non-conventional choice.

counter table as a centerpiece


Many times, tall tables are chosen for their aptitude of saving space, so placing them by walls or stuffing them in corners can be just what people need. Many tall tables are designed with leaning against a wall in mind, but the pitfall here is that this combo of table and wall tends to reek of the 00s vibe. To avoid this situation, all you have to do is to keep in mind the well-being goal you had in mind when deciding to place the table there. Try using the bar table as the boundary of your open kitchen. Try switching out the chairs or stools with accessible options. Better yet, try decor options that help such purposes, like statement lighting above or around the table. Instead for the hardcore simplicity fans, making good use of an adjacent window can make facing a wall less monotonous.

bar table against a wall or corner

Your Takeaway

These are some examples of how your consideration can bring out the best of your choices, and this is why your ideas are and always will be the most important when it comes to furnishing your space. Not everyone has the trained eyes of an interior designer, nor does everybody have the hands-on experience of an overhaul team. However, anyone can have a measuring tape in hand, an improvement plan in mind, and the deepest bond to their living space in their heart. More than often, these can make up just the ticket to a dream home.

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