Make a More Enjoyable Home Office

The number of people working from home in the U.S. has declined since the pandemic, but remains significantly higher than it was before the COVID-19 era. More than a third of U.S. workers are still working from home, and more men than women are headed back to the office.

Of course, in addition to the impact of the COVID-19, more and more freelancers have appeared in the society. They do not need to go to the company every day, and they only need to have a comfortable home office to start working. Speaking of which, I have always envied this kind of life, and I also hope that one day I can truly realize my desire to work freely. Well, for freelancers, it is actually very important to have a home office that allows them to focus on their work. Because of the freedom of work, they often need twice as much self-discipline and concentration as ordinary people. From this, I also have some ideas, which may be able to help many writers, self-media blogger, etc.

People have different work content have different needs for home office. For example, those programmers who work at home prefer to have a large desk so that they can accommodate larger and more computer equipment. For writers, or for people with simple work content, a smaller surrounding desk that allows them to concentrate can meet their needs. For the former, I recommend L-shaped computer desks, and office chairs with head supports. Such an office combination suit can make them more efficient at work. While meeting daily needs, it enhances the overall atmosphere of the study.

The existence of the L-shaped computer desk itself is designed for the use of computers. In most office areas, you can see that there are not only computers, but also printers. Therefore, choosing an L-shaped computer desk, whether it is in design style or using any type of computer in the future, its applicability is relatively strong. And it also has an ergonomic installation method, so you can do a lot of things here, and you can save more desktop space when placing it.

In general, if you have multiple work equipment, you can't go wrong with choosing an L-shaped desk.

If you just have simple work needs, then one such desk must be enough. In order to better stimulate your work concentration, you can choose to place some storage grids in front of the desk, paste some work note stickers on the wall in front of the desk, and place such a bookcase in your home office. After such careful arrangement, You will have a very good work&study space.

Choose the furniture that suits you according to your needs, and achieve the greatest effect as much as possible within a limited budget. This is my guideline when choosing furniture. Changes in the environment can affect our life and work mood, thereby affecting the efficiency of our work.

Finally, wish you a happy life and smooth work~

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